Malek School of Health Professions

Dean: Dr. Jeanne Matthews

The Malek School of Health Professions aims to support the university's mission to foster the individual development of each student and enable students to become competent health professionals.

The school offers doctoral programs in nursing and physical therapy.

Within an ethical framework and an open and welcoming environment for persons of all religions and cultures, the Malek School of Health Professions will

  • provide student-centered, inquiry-guided, evidence-based, collaborative programs of study that meet and exceed professional standards and the needs of the community;
  • enable students to develop a philosophy of professionalism and the skills necessary to become excellent health care professionals who contribute to the body of knowledge that supports best practices across the disciplines through education, research, and scholarship;
  • provide visionary leaders in health promotion and health care delivery, who are developers of innovative health care systems, change agents, health care advocates, and members of professional organizations; and
  • foster a commitment to lifelong learning and service to the community.