Seeking Return to the University

Students who left the university in good standing, academic warning, or probation may be eligible to re-enroll within two years of their last course enrollment with the approval of their college.
Students who are eligible to re-enroll may request to retain the catalog requirements in effect during their initial enrollment subject to college approval.

Students who have been academically dismissed may seek readmission to the university after waiting at least one full fall or spring semester after the last semester of enrollment and successful completion of a minimum of nine (9) credits at a regionally accredited institution.

To be eligible and considered for readmission, a student must submit the following four items to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions:

    1. a completed Readmission Application
    2. a positive reference letter from a current or former faculty member
    3. a written statement that includes
      • reasons for the student's previous lack of success at the university, including an explanation of any extenuating circumstances that contributed to the previous academic difficulties;
      • documentation (if applicable) that any extenuating circumstances have been addressed; and
      • a detailed plan of success describing specific actions the student will take to improve academic performance
    4. official transcript(s) of all academic work completed at other institutions since enrollment at the university; these transcripts must include evidence of satisfactory academic efforts, with one of the following requirements met:
      • A student successfully completes at least 9 credits in the most recent fall or spring semester prior to the readmission application with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Courses must be completed at a regionally accredited institution and must be comparable to Marymount's current Liberal Arts Core requirements or major-specific requirements. Courses may not replicate requirements previously fulfilled at Marymount.
      • A student successfully completes a new undergraduate or associate degree since enrollment at the university. The degree must be earned from a regionally accredited institution.
    5. Any sanctions issued by the Office of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution or the Office of Academic Integrity have been fulfilled. 

      In addition, international students must submit an updated International Student Supplemental Information (ISSI) form.

      Deadline For readmission to
      June 1 fall semester
      December 1 spring semester

      The Undergraduate Academic Standards Committee (UASC) reviews all eligible applications and makes final decisions on readmission to the university and, in consultation with appropriate programs and offices, may impose certain conditions on such readmission. Readmission to the university does not guarantee admission into specific academic programs. The UASC will review and consider all coursework taken after dismissal from the university in making a decision on readmission. Readmitted students will be placed on academic probation and will be subject to those policies. The committee will not review applications that are incomplete or that do not include evidence of satisfactory academic efforts.

      Students who have been readmitted to the university after three or more semesters since academic dismissal will return to the university under the procedures listed in the catalog in force at the time of their readmission and must meet the requirements of their degree program stated in that catalog.

      If you have questions regarding the application process for readmission, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.