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Continuous Registration

All degree and certificate candidates must maintain active status at the university until all requirements are satisfied. Typically, students do so by enrolling in classes each semester. Since Marymount is a term-based credit-hour institution, it cannot offer a federally approved leave of absence option. However, students may request to be placed on Continuous Registration.

Any returning student, or newly admitted and enrolled student after the last day to add classes, who intends to temporarily discontinue studies and not enroll for a semester, must complete the Continuous Registration form on the Registrar's website and receive the appropriate approval. Continuous Registration is typically approved for one academic semester and rarely approved for longer than one academic year (two academic semesters and one summer semester).

Students approved for Continuous Registration will be reported to the National Student Clearinghouse as withdrawn. If the Continuous Registration term is a future term, the effective date of withdrawal will be the last day of the semester in which the student was enrolled or the last date of enrollment if the student was on Continuous Registration in the previous term. If the Continuous Registration term is the current term, the effective date of withdrawal will be the date the student submits the Continuous Registration request. Students who have federal student loans and go on Continuous Registration will go into repayment status on those loans. See the Continuous Registration section in Financial Information.

The date students submit their request for Continuous Registration is the official date that determines the student’s financial responsibility to the university. The last date for enrolled students to request Continuous Registration is the same date as the last day to withdraw from classes as listed in the Academic Calendar. For a returning student who has not enrolled in the current semester, the last date to request Continuous Registration is two weeks after the last day to add classes.

If a student who is not enrolled does not submit a request for Continuous Registration, the student breaks registration, will be withdrawn with an effective date of the last day they were enrolled, and may have to reapply for admission to the university. Nondegree students who do not enroll in a semester will have their program closed and must reapply for admission to the university. Students who are approved to take courses at another institution while on Continuous Registration are subject to Marymount’s post-matriculation credit limits.