Graduation and Commencement

Degrees are conferred in May, August, and December. There is one formal Commencement ceremony in May.

A student must submit a graduation application (available online in Marynet) by the posted deadline. NOTE: The completion of a graduation application does not guarantee that a student will graduate. The school in which the student is matriculated will complete a student’s degree audit once a student applies to graduate. The degree audit will determine if a student is eligible to graduate.

Graduation applications submitted after the posted deadline will be processed at the discretion of the university and are subject to a late processing fee. Students who submit the application after the published deadline may not receive their diplomas by the close of the semester, may not graduate until the next graduation date, and — in the spring semester — may not be listed in the Commencement program and may not participate in Commencement exercises.

Students who do not meet graduation requirements at the end of the semester in which a graduation application was submitted will automatically have their application moved to the next semester, provided they can complete their requirements within the 10-year period for degree completion. Students who are unable to complete their degree requirements in 10 years must obtain permission from the appropriate associate dean to continue. For any delays beyond one semester, the student must submit a new application and indicate the new anticipated graduation date.

Participation in the Commencement ceremony held in May is open to students who have applied to graduate in the current spring semester, the preceding fall semester, or the preceding summer semester. Students may only participate in one Commencement ceremony.

In addition, students who need to take no more than two courses (up to 8 credits) during the upcoming summer semester to complete their degree requirements may also participate in the previous May Commencement ceremony if they meet both of the following conditions:

  1. They complete an application for graduation by the designated deadline.
  2. The associate dean notifies the Office of the Registrar that the student needs to complete the degree requirements in the summer semester immediately following Commencement.

No exceptions or exemptions to these two conditions will be made or given.