The university provides new students with an orientation program to prepare them academically and socially for their Marymount experience.

The undergraduate new student orientation program takes place in August and is designed to provide first-year and transfer students with opportunities to learn about Marymount traditions, meet with academic advisors, familiarize themselves with campus and local resources, and interact with fellow classmates. Parents and families of future Marymount students also receive their own unique orientation experience to equip them with tools to support their student through the transition to college.

Students entering the university in the spring semester also participate in an orientation program that takes place in early January. This orientation program provides these students and their families with opportunities to learn more about Marymount, meet with an advisor, register for classes, and meet other new students.

More information about Marymount orientation programs can be found online at www.marymount.edu/orientation.

International Student Orientation Session

International students bring their own unique needs to Marymount. Because of this, we provide both a university orientation program as well as an International Student Orientation Session (ISOS).

At the ISOS, we will address many different topics, including cultural transition issues, immigration and legal responsibilities, employment, and banking. Students will also have plenty of time to meet other international and American students.

In addition to attending the ISOS, all new international students are required to attend either the new student or graduate orientations.

For more information, email us at iss@marymount.edu or call (703) 526-6922.