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Each student is required to register at the time and in the manner designated by the registrar. Advance registration periods are posted on the Office of the Registrar website.

The student is required to seek the guidance of an academic advisor in developing a schedule of classes. No credit will be granted for any course, including independent study, unless registration is completed prior to the start of the semester or the during the designated add period as per the Academic Calendar. Students are responsible for registering for the necessary courses in the proper sequence to meet the requirements of the chosen curriculum.

All prescribed charges for the previous semester must be paid before registration may begin. All charges for the ensuing semester must be paid or provided for before registration is complete. No student whose account is in arrears will be permitted to register until all obligations are met. This includes submission of medical records, payment of parking fees, and payment of library fines.

Students are responsible for maintaining a current U.S. address on file with the university. Students should advise the Office of the Registrar of any address changes. (See Address Changes.)