University Suspension

The university may place a student who is found responsible for a violation of university policy, such as Community Conduct Code or the Academic Integrity Code, on suspension. A suspension is a temporary separation from the university. Suspended students will be permitted to return after a specified period of time and upon satisfaction of the conditions outlined in the notice of suspension.

Upon notification, the registrar will terminate registrations for semesters that occur within the period in which the student is suspended. Once the time condition of the suspension has passed, students who have other outstanding conditions per the notice of suspension must apply for Continuous Registration in order to remain enrolled at Marymount University. Students who have fulfilled all outstanding conditions within the specified period of time but choose not to enroll in classes in the semester immediately following the suspension must also apply for Continuous Registration. Students who fail to apply for Continuous Registration will be withdrawn from the university and must seek readmittance.

Approval of Continuous Registration is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Marymount University Catalog. The behavioral expectations and regulations of the university apply to students while suspended. Students who violate university policy while suspended will be held accountable. Students who withdraw from the university while suspended or in anticipation of suspension may not seek readmission to the university for a period of 12 months after the end of the original suspension period. Refunds will be given according to the schedule in the appropriate university catalog and/or the housing license agreement.