Nondegree Applicants

A nondegree undergraduate applicant is an individual who intends to enroll in a limited number of courses to increase vocational fitness, learn about recent developments in a field of interest, or transfer credits to a home institution. Nondegree applicants must submit the following items:

  • a completed application form with the nonrefundable application fee of $40
  • a final high school and/or postsecondary transcript indicating a minimum GPA of 2.0

For nondegree undergraduate applicants to summer programs and courses, students may choose to self-report their grade point average from their home institution. An official transcript must be submitted before credit will be awarded. If the self-reported grade point average is false and the student is not qualified for acceptance, the student will forfeit the deposit and will be withdrawn from the university. If the discrepancy is not identified until after the coursework is completed, college credit will not be awarded and no refund will be given.

An F-1 visa student who is not concurrently enrolled at another U.S. college or university is not eligible to apply as a nondegree student.

Nondegree Enrollment

An undergraduate nondegree student can apply no more than 15 credit hours earned under nondegree status to a degree. Nondegree students are not eligible for financial aid, may not live on campus, and may be unable to enroll in courses in some highly selective undergraduate programs.

During the academic semester, all nondegree students, including visiting nondegree students from institutions outside the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area, receive academic advising from the Academic Advising Center.