IPE 715 Critical Assessment and Research Methods I for Evidence-Based Health Care Practice

This course introduces students to principles of evidence-based practices across health, health care, and health promotion and the use of published research literature for guiding decision making. Students learn to locate appropriate primary and secondary literature resources and to critically analyze the quality, importance, and applicability of these resources in answering clinical and health-related questions at individual, system, and population levels. Published literature is explored in greater depth for constructing a relevant and researchable question and developing a background literature review. Research methods are introduced focusing on construction of research questions, selection and use of theories for grounding clinical questions, and development of a review of supportive background literature. This course is an interprofessional course. Students are expected to work in and explore interprofessional teams and outcomes. Prerequisites for NU, PHEP, and PT students: undergraduate statistics; PHEP students: HPR 501, HPR 540, and HPR 555; nursing students: NU 590; and PT students: PT 700 through 702. (3)