OTD 704 Professionalism — The Doctoring Profession in OT

This course has been designed to provide the clinical doctoral learner with the opportunity for examination and discussion of the responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities inherent in doctoral-level occupational therapy practice. Themes of this course include cultural competence; occupational science; and balancing patient preferences, evidence, and ethics. Since doctoral-prepared occupational therapists will be expected to demonstrate responsibility toward the betterment of the profession, they must also be willing to assume an active role in identifying emerging problems as well as seek appropriate solutions. Several faculty members who represent various areas of practice, education, research, and leadership within the occupational therapy profession will convene this course. It is also expected that each doctoral learner will contribute their own unique and varying professional experiences to the discussion about ways to enhance the practice of occupational therapy at both the individual and societal levels. Thus, it is hoped that together learners and faculty will engage in a broad sharing of perspectives related to promoting professional development and advancement of occupational therapy. (2)