PT 720 Evaluation and Management of Patients with Orthopedic Disorders

Focuses on the management of patients with neuromusculoskeletal disorders affecting the axial and appendicular skeleton. The course emphasizes outpatient orthopedic physical therapy to normalize movement and prevent injury recurrence. Throughout the course, sensitivity is maintained with regard to cultural, racial, ethnic, and educational differences among patients. Emphasis is on examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and patient management of mechanical joint dysfunction. The content of the course follows the major joints and regions of the axial and appendicular skeleton starting with the lower quarter (lumbar, SIJ, hip, knee, and ankle) and progressing to the upper quarter (cervical, thoracic, shoulder, elbow, and wrist/hand). The theory and practice of manual therapy and progressive orthopedic rehabilitation are major components of the course. Offered fall semester only. Prerequisites: PT 700 through 713 and IPE 715. Corequisite: PT 721. (5)