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College of Health and Education

Dean: Pamela Slaven-Lee

The College of Health and Education (CHE) aims to support the university's mission to foster the individual development of each student and enable students to become competent health and education professionals.

The College offers undergraduate degrees in health sciences, elementary education, special education, secondary education, and nursing. At the graduate level, students may pursue master's degrees in counseling, public health education and promotion, administration and supervision in education, elementary, secondary and special education, and nursing. The College offers doctoral programs in educational leadership and innovation, nursing and physical therapy, and transitional doctoral programs for occupational and physical therapy.


The CHE seeks to inspire excellence in our students, faculty, and staff to positively impact the individuals that we serve.


The mission of the College of Health and Education is to prepare health and education professionals with content knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions, by:

  • improving the quality of life of individuals by engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration, and evidence-informed decision-making while addressing an individual’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health;

  • generating new knowledge through interdisciplinary scholarship;

  • supporting student-centered learning to provide person-centered care; and

  • promoting an environment where the students, staff and faculty promote diversity, intellectual curiosity, and ethical and spiritual growth.

Principles and Values

CHE is a College consisting of schools dedicated to:

  • generation of new knowledge;
  • social justice;
  • enhancing quality of life;
  • innovation;
  • critical thinking;
  • community involvement on a regional, national, and global basis;
  • commitment to student-centered learning.